Which Photo Booth Should I Choose? Expert Advice

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There is no doubt photo booths are the must-have wedding item of the moment. But increased booth demand has brought with it a flash of new booth styles and options. It’s a daunting wedding maze if you don’t know what to look for.

It’s time to pull back the curtain on the rental process.

  1. Choose the booth style that best fits your entertainment goals
    There are two primary types of photo booths, traditional and open-air.  Martin Smith ofSnapfuze Photo Booth & DJ Services says the closed-in area of a traditional booth allows people “to completely be themselves, without concerns that others are watching.” If your venue is a bit tight or on the small side, however, he says the open air style is appealing because it can take up less space. “The open air photo booth also can capture the event atmosphere in the
    background,” he adds. It’s an interesting, extra layer to the final photos.
  2. Research photo quality and prints
    Experts recommend you ask questions about the type of camera used in the booth. Cameras range from basic webcams to point-and-shoot cameras to high-quality DSLR cameras. There is no right or wrong here, each bride will make her own choice based on a number of factors. But it is important to get the information. You should know what to expect.

    When comparing packages, be sure to also inquire about the printer used and the type of prints. Does the company print 4×6 photos or traditional long strips? “This is important because if you are choosing a company with the strips, you should consider asking them to throw in the plastic sleeves or frames,” recommends Marissa Sweazy of Photo Fun Box in Salem, MA. “4×6 photos allow for standard frames.”

  3. Know what the package hours include
    Do you need a booth for 2 hours or 4? No matter what time length you agree on with a vendor, be sure to understand exactly what is included in the time allotted. Sweazy says it is important to ask if the company charges for wait times. If, for example, there is a gap between set up and the hours you want the booth operational, will you be charged?
  1. Understand the vendor’s prop policies
    First off, do they provide props? How many and what style? Sweazy says to add in another question, one you might not think to ask. “How often do they change out the props? Meaning, do 1,000 people per weekend put the same hat on their head?”

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