When is the best time for a photobooth during an event??

We get this question all the time. ” I want something for the guests during cocktail hour, would this be a good idea?” The answer quite simply is, no. It would seem to make the most sense to have a photo booth during cocktail hour or when guests arrive – but surprisingly it is not.

Austin and I did more than 80 events last year. In the few instances where clients did not take our advice on the start time, the booth was wasted.  We sat there for one hour and not a single person got in the booth, not one. Why?? It’s easy, when guests get to a wedding there are a few things on their mind 1) I need to get a beverage 2) where are the scallops wrapped in bacon? They see the photo booth and think – I have plenty of time to do that. It will be here all night.

The best time to start the booth is about 15 minutes after dinner is served. Obviously with weddings things can get off schedule but from our experience we have found this to work out best. The thing is – it kills us to see money go right down the drain and to have a photo booth that goes unused for an hour – stinks. The later in the evening, the better the photo booth gets. :-)

Also, Photo Fun Box does not charge a wait time. So if your reception starts at 5pm and the photo booth runs from 8pm-11pm that is totally fine and there are no extra fees from us! Austin and I just planned our wedding (it seems like yesterday, but was almost two years ago), we want to give our clients what we expected from wedding vendors and that is what we are trying to do with Photo Fun Box!

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