Quyen & Yedeh – EpiCenter: Artists for Humanity

Yedeh & Quyen might be one of the coolest couples we have met! They certainly did the most research and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate that. At least someone is reading all this content! But, really, as a former bride & groom we did our research too and it always hurts us when people get swindled or taken advantage of by a wedding vendor – most of which could have been avoided with a little research.

Yedeh & Quyen chose Artists for Humanity for their reception venue. Absolutely amazing. Much like the art that is made there, couples can start with a blank canvas and do almost what they want with the space. Here is one shot from the reception:

One of the coolest things about AFH is they have this giant garage door that can be opened onto a lovely little grass area. You almost forget that you are in South Boston. Here is the shot facing the door:

We had such a great time with this couple and all of their guests. We wish them all the best in life and love!

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