Pinterest for prop ideas is all the rage for anything and everything creative these days. Don’t know what to cook for dinner look on pinterest, need a storage solution for your hall closet look on pinterest – just about anything you search for on pinterest will yield fun and interesting results.

One thing people always ask for is props. We don’t provide props mostly for hygiene reasons. There is something just wrong about thousands of people wearing the same hats over and over again. We also don’t always know the personalities of the guests. We’ve seen everything from blow-up dolls to pre-made signs to your traditional hats, wigs and glasses. We love props it’s just easier if the host provides them. But we certainly don’t mind helping with suggestions.

In a quick search of “photo booth props” on Pinterest we found all sorts of fun things crafty moustache ideas, fun sign ideas and more so if you are looking for ideas be sure to check out Pinterest!


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