Question about the Contract Process

Q: What is the process for booking the Photo Fun Box?
A: Once you have determined if your date is available and expressed interest in booking, you will receive an email to complete questions for a contract. Once you complete the questions and return you will receive a contract via email. Simply print, sign and return with the deposit. Photo Fun Box requires a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the balance is due the night of your event.

Questions About the Photo Booth

Q: What is the size of your booth?
A: Fully setup the booth is 80″L x 42″W x 6.6’H. One of the nice features of Photo Fun Box booths is that they break down in to 4 pieces for travel. The largest piece for travel is 43″L x 23″W x 3’H.

Q: Is an elevator needed for delivery?
A: Yes and No. While we prefer an elevator for loading in we are able to get our booths into any door or elevator and can get up 5 or less stairs.

Q: What kind of power is needed?
A: The booth will operate on a single 110v outlet.

Q: What time do you arrive at my venue?
A: Photo Fun Box staff always arrive approximately 1 hour prior to the start of your event. We prefer set-up out of view of your guests and we do not charge a wait fee. So if your event starts at 6:00pm and you don’t want the photo booth to start until 8:00pm – that is totally fine and there are no additional charges.

Question About the Photo Booth Process at the event?

Q: Do our guest get a copy photo?
A: Yes,  once the photo booth sequence is complete the photo will print out in about 25 seconds for your guests.

Q: Does your system allow for two prints (doubles)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can my guests decide if they want color or black and white photos?
A: The choice of color or black and white is available but must be determined prior to the start of the event. We believe the decision should be left to the event planners, not the guests, so that the output matches with the overall theme of the event.

Q: Why do you print 4×6’s instead of strips?
A: Most of the companies that print the long strips are using inkjet printers (the same kind you use at home). We print our 4X6 prints on a Sony sub-dye printer. What does this mean? Unlike the strips which can smudge, our pictures print out dry to the touch. Our prints are also a standard size so that you can take them anywhere (CVS, etc) and make copies yourself either from the print or from the DVD. You can’t replicate the photo strips on your own. We understand that some people want the “look” of the strips and that’s fine – but we prefer a quality print and that is why we only offer the 4×6 size.

Q: How will my guests use the scrapbook?
A: If you decide to go with the scrapbook package, two attendants will be at your event. One person to assist guests in and out of the booth and one person to create the scrapbook. You can see a video of the process at an actual wedding here.

Q: Can I bring my own scrapbook?
A: Photo Fun Box cannot work with materials provided by the client. It never works out. Often the correct supplies are not purchased or provided and the quality of the final product is just not good and it kills us! We provide several color options of scrapbooks for clients along with several color paper options – so it doesn’t have to be a plain black book with white pages unless you want it to be.

Q: When do I get the scrapbook?
A: At the end of the night. We provide the scrapbook, the excess pictures and the pen used at the event (the color of the pen can match your event colors) at the end of your event. We also put the page protectors on the pages so that when you arrive home you can simply take it out of the bag and put it on your coffee table!

Q: Why don’t you provide a prop box?
A: For several reasons, but the main one being for sanitary reasons. Do you really want to put a hat on your head that was on 1,000 other people’s head that month?? I think not.

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