Meet Stephanie — Our awesome booth attendant!

If you have worked with Photo Fun Box this year, you may have seen Stephanie, the newest member of the team! Stephanie has been working photo booth events all year and has been awesome!

Stephanie LOVES scrapbooking and boy has she put together some amazing photo guest books for our wedding couples. She is also super friendly and great at helping people in and out of the booth.

In her free time, she really enjoys baking and one day will own her very own bakery. Although, now that I think about it — she hasn’t made Austin and I any of her delicious products yet! We are very excited to introduce Stephanie (and should have done it earlier). Austin and I work very hard at ensuring our image and making sure that every client that works with us has an enjoyable experience. Stephanie does a great job at continuing this message and we are proud to have her on our team!