Pinterest for prop ideas is all the rage for anything and everything creative these days. Don’t know what to cook for dinner look on pinterest, need a storage solution for your hall closet look on pinterest – just about anything you search for on pinterest will yield fun and interesting results.

One thing people always ask for is props. We don’t provide props mostly for hygiene reasons. There is something just wrong about thousands of people wearing the same hats over and over again. We also don’t always know the personalities of the guests. We’ve seen everything from blow-up dolls to pre-made signs to your traditional hats, wigs and glasses. We love props it’s just easier if the host provides them. But we certainly don’t mind helping with suggestions.

In a quick search of “photo booth props” on Pinterest we found all sorts of fun things crafty moustache ideas, fun sign ideas and more so if you are looking for ideas be sure to check out Pinterest!


Our newest employee – Austin Jr.

Well, not really. Austin and I are pleased to announce the birth of our son, Austin Jr. He came into this world on February 9th and it has been an amazing few weeks so far. We also aren’t sheltering this child – he is 20 days old and has been to 4 restaurants and three states! Mom and dad also left him with grandma and were at the Danversport Bridal Show on 2/26. Don’t worry though, he won’t be at any photo booth events any time soon. We’ll give him a few years for that!

Happy New Year, Happy Referral Credit!

Happy New Year! Austin and I celebrated the new year at Cafe Escadrille and the wedding of Ashley and Bill. It was a wonderful New Year’s wedding! We hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe new year’s as well.

We wanted to start the year off right by reminding all of our future and past clients that if you are referred to us by someone — anyone really, your friend, your venue, another wedding vendor, etc..PLEASE be sure to tell us! There could be a discount in it for you and the person who referred you will get a $25 visa gift card! Let’s spread some good fortune this year!

Happy Holidays from Photo Fun Box

We celebrated the holiday season with our employees, Stephanie, Vanessa, Lissette and Justin, last night. We had a lovely holiday dinner and reminisced about the year and it surely was an exciting one. We had countless fun weddings, fundraisers, proms, bar/bat mitzvahs and other types of events.

The thing we love most about our job is that it is just that — fun! We love meeting new people and making memories. We want to wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year from our family to yours and we wish nothing but the best to our friends and clients for 2012.

Warm Wishes!
Austin & Marissa Sweazy