A 35th Birthday Blast!

Who doesn’t love  getting older?? Well…who doesn’t love a good birthday party anyway? We had the pleasure of celebrating a 35th birthday with a client recently and it had bells and whistles we’ve never seen. Let’s start with the theme: Christian Louboutin. Amazing. Enough said.

Ice Luges. Who doesn’t love a good ice cold Margarita? And how cool or these??

Or how about these ice sculpture raw bars?

But we’ve saved the best for last — look at these cakes. Yes, cakes. They were made by Spinelli’s themselves and they were delicious!

Next time you are planning your birthday party or a party for a friend be sure to consider a photo booth!

Angela & David – Photo Fun Box Thank You’s

We had the pleasure of working with Angela & David recently at Danversport Yacht Club. Danversport is one of our favorite venues, maybe it is because we are there all the time, but everything always just runs so smoothly. Nancy, Paul, Michael, Heather – the whole crew is just amazing.

We’ve been working with Angela & David for many months to make sure the photo booth was an awesome addition to their wedding. But Angela had a great idea of her own. She wanted to make a thank you card out of her photo booth photo! How clever! We’ve done Save-the-date’s before but never a thank you card. I have to admit — I think this came out so cute! But we would love to know your thoughts.

Also, a special shout-out to their awesome photographer – Fucci’s Photos. Vail was awesome and I would recommend her to couples looking for a good value and product when it comes to wedding photography.

Congrats to Angela & David!

Quyen & Yedeh – EpiCenter: Artists for Humanity

Yedeh & Quyen might be one of the coolest couples we have met! They certainly did the most research and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate that. At least someone is reading all this content! But, really, as a former bride & groom we did our research too and it always hurts us when people get swindled or taken advantage of by a wedding vendor – most of which could have been avoided with a little research.

Yedeh & Quyen chose Artists for Humanity for their reception venue. Absolutely amazing. Much like the art that is made there, couples can start with a blank canvas and do almost what they want with the space. Here is one shot from the reception:

One of the coolest things about AFH is they have this giant garage door that can be opened onto a lovely little grass area. You almost forget that you are in South Boston. Here is the shot facing the door:

We had such a great time with this couple and all of their guests. We wish them all the best in life and love!

Ashley & Joe: Seaport Hotel

This past weekend we had a wonderful time at the wedding of Ashley and Joe thanks to our fabulous photographer friend, Alicia Williams of Cordele Photography. Ashley has a great photography package that includes the photo booth!! So if you are looking for a photographer and photo booth together feel free to contact Alicia or us!

Photo by Photo Fun Box

Back to Ashley and Joe – their reception was held in the Lighthouse room at the Seaport Hotel. What an amazing space! It looks out onto the city of Boston and the Harbor. It’s just a room of windows.

Photo by Photo Fun Box

We had an awesome set-up for the photo booth, plenty of room and next to the bar! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Ashley and Joe’s guests did a great job selecting photos for their scrapbook. For the actual book, the bride and groom selected a black book with white pages and a lime green pen. Their colors were black, white and lime green. It all went together perfectly!

Photo by Photo Fun Box

We wish Ashley and Joe and lifetime of wonderful memories! All their guests were amazing, and again a special thanks to Alicia Williams of Cordele Photography. Remember, if you are still in need of a photographer – she is offering a great package with our photo booth!